A solid black Walnut mantle was installed
above the fireplace. A touch of live edge
was kept at the bottom of the mantle,
which marries well with the rustic look of
the stones. The straight edge at the top
of the mantle blends in well with the
"tongue and groove" wall.
Dimensions: Length 60" Thickness 3" Depth 13"

The cabinet on the right is made out of
Maple veneer and has frosted glass doors.
Dimensions: Height 6'10" Width 40" Depth 13"


This elegant and modern shelf illustrates
the nature by defining in its own way
tree branches and roots. Made out of
solid Black Walnut, the sturdy structure
can support up to 20 kg per branch.
Dimensions: Height 70" Width 28 1/2" Depth 11 3/4"


This bookcase is made out of 1" Birch
veneer and was stained and varnished with
matte finish. The cubbard sizes,
orientation, and openings were made in
function of the customer's needs.
Dimensions: Height 84" Width 48" Depth 14"


Two English Elm mounts are supporting
three rounded live edge Maple shelves.
This gives a neat effect with the natural
curves of the wood, as if the shelves are
carving into the wall.
Dimensions: Height 40" Width 49" Depth 13"


The goal with this wineshelf was to give a
modern touch to the industrial look. The
shelves are made out of reclaimed rebars
and the handle is made out of forged
iron. The weathered stain on the wood
emphasises the rustic character, while
the sharp and straight lines remind us of
modern furniture.
Dimensions: Height 58" Width 27" Depth 17"