Our Process

A Tree to Table Experience

Driven by the love of wood grains and natural shapes, our imagination brings us to design custom furniture often described as functional art.

While wood is the essence of each project, it is often blended with other materials such as steel, copper, brass, aluminum and glass.

Wood Streams Custom Made Furniture

Our Tree to Table philosophy essentially means we are with the tree every step of the way, allowing us to oversee the quality right from the start, and maximise the use of the wood. Whether it be the multi-year drying process, or the installation in your home, we're hands on during the entire process.

Journey through our step by step process below.


The process of furniture making begins with your needs. We're here to guide you through the design experience, from material selection to finishing, aesthetic to leg construction.

The Wood Library Tour

Each time someone visits the Wood Library with a concept in mind, we help guide them towards the piece corresponding best to their needs. We pull them out of the stack, blowing the dust off, much like an old forgotten hidden gem at the back of a library shelf.

After the first hand sketch is made, we can provide you with an estimate.

By milling our own slabs, we ensure the highest quality right from the first cut.

Selecting a slab is much like leafing through a book. We turn each page always curious and excited to read the next one. Since 2016, hundreds of pages have been turned and yet, we still remember each and every chapter.

Check out the library

Solar kiln

The drying procedure is one of the most crucial steps when working with wood and can't be left to chance. This is why we have our own solar kiln. If the process is rushed this can lead to unwanted movement in the final slab.

The lead time can vary from 1 - 4 months, depending on availability of material or the moisture content of the wood.

The kiln drying process may require a bit more time in order to work with suitable material.

Delivery & Installation

Depending on the piece, we can usher your creation to it's new home, whether it's built-in seating at your business, or a dinning table for your home.

Tour appointments can be made Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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