Our Philosophy

The name Wood Streams came from our values, and this perspires in every detail of our work.

First, the wood streams are evoked by the natural meandering of the wood grain that we work with, but is also illustrated in our logo in the shape of the limbs and the trunk of the Wood Streams tree.

The deeper meaning of the word “streams” resides first of all, in the fact that our work is the result of a collaboration between the end user and the artists in the workshop. In the same way many streams and tributaries join to form rivers and eventually meet the ocean, we must all come together, working in the same direction to meet the same goal.

Different ways of envisioning the final result, different background and knowledge merge & become a beautiful piece of art.

A sustainable vision

The use of reclaimed lumber and salvage logs are great ways we can transform what might be headed for the fire pit, into high quality furniture which will have a legacy for centuries to come.

From table tops to carved spoons, every square inch of slab off-cut has value.

Our duty is to take each piece to its full potential, identifying one-of-a-kind natural features that lend unique character to everything we build.

Beginning with sourcing local timber, we mill, kiln dry and store everything right on site to prevent shipping lumber back and forth across the country.

The tree to table experience

Our “Tree to Table” concept is a pillar of our philosophy. The artisanal touch is present in each segment of the furniture making process. From selecting the logs, milling, drying, designing, fabricating, delivering and installing each piece, this gives us the control on the quality we require, and entirely illustrates the fruit of local workmanship.

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L’Atelier, a simple french word meaning workspace. For us it is much more than that, this is where everything started during our childhood, years ago, and now today keeps evolving. Where creativity and shared passion is all around us.

As a kid, I used to go in the basement where a room called L’Atelier was located. That was the space where, at a young age, I started creating and bringing to life some of the objects from my imagination. Luckily enough, my dad let me play and experience the many basic hand tools, which form the foundation of the skills I still use to this very day.

Today, L’Atelier is still the name of the Wood Streams studio where the magic happens. It remains part of our legacy but also forms our future.

Ch Wood Streams custom chair